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giovedì 27 gennaio 2011

Education and Divorce

I believe that, today more than ever, there is a need to disseminate the culture of education. Not only for the repeated and continuous acts of bullying or violence that daily fill the pages of newspapers, but also to give support to families struggling with various issues related to raising children.
The pedagogy has the advantage of finding the strategies "of doing", with no pre-established models, but Relate to the subject and the particular situation. I never liked the theories in themselves, those that fill the mouth and are never deployed in the real, on the contrary, I think it is crucial for the educator to find intervention strategies to help that context, that the family, the minor, in a practical and concrete.
I am often involved their children in spite of the difficult path of marital separation, and I believe that never in that context, there is a need for parents to rely on the help of a family counselor who is able to provide their advice and assistance targeted. Even shooting or non-suspension of the dialogue between former spouses become a crucial and indispensable in the educational context.
Too often, children become grounds for complaint, venting their frustration, revenge and blackmail. Often you do not notice to be entered in this deleterious mechanism that produces sometimes irreparable damage, which generates a sense of guilt in parents who end up finding in giving compensation to alleviate that suffering, that emptiness that children will inevitably feel.
With pedagogical consulting is to help parents deal with the pain of the children, to receive it, process it as a key time of growth and awareness of the new situation.

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